About us


1910 – Established company for production of machine tools Volman

1930 – Production of tools for the manufacture of gears. During this time worked for Volman the father of the company founder KASIKTOOLS Ltd.

1940 – The rapid development of the company. The area of the factory increased from 600 m2 to 50,000 m2. The number of employees increased from 10 to 3000.

1945 – The company was nationalized and Volman was renamed by Communists to TOS Čelákovice. A period of planned economy.

1965 – The company TOS Čelákovice joined Mr. George Kasik, later founder KASIKTOOLS Ltd. Though never joined the Communist Party, worked his way up to the head of the tool department, the head of the final inspection, and finally director of quality for the entire company.

1996 – After the liberalization in the Czech Republic Mr. Kasik left TOS, started his own business and began manufacturing these tools alone.

2007 – After a sharp increase in production, Mr. Kasik founded KASIKTOOLS Company Ltd.

The company has currently 10 employees and produces tools for making gear for the whole Czech Republic and Slovakia. To increase exports, the company participates in engineering fairs EMO.